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Welcome to AGA-THA-LES, the association of LGBT and Allies of the THALES Group .

The collective associations:

CASH! in the finance professions
COMIN-G, colours for the MINISTERY in departments economic and financial
ENERGAY in the electric and gas Industries
STATION! for the SNCF group
MUNICIGAYS DE MARSEILLE for the city of Marseille
PERSON ‘ AILES for the staff of Air France – KLM
POLE-IN to Pôle Emploi
RAINBHOPITAL for healthcare facilities
All equal not of distinction!What is important:
* advancing rights and visibility of LGBT PEOPLE at work-fight against the LGBT-phobia (violence, harassment or discrimination for sexual orientation or gender identity) and internalized homophobia (shame self-esteem, self-censorship);
-equality of rights (in collective agreements, laws, regulations and labor) essential to achieve real equality.
-encourage and assist in the creation and the development of LGBT organizations in the middle of the work
-pool resources of member associations and participate or organize activists and visibilities events (conferences, exhibitions, debates, demonstrations, usability, etc.) in a spirit of solidarity inter associative;
-solidarity being and actor of health including relaying prevention operations (example: HIV-AIDS, recognition of workers with disabilities, etc.)The Council of associations of HOMOBOULOT accepted the candidacy of AGA-THA-LES, association of employee-e-s LGBT and ally-e-s of the THALES group AGA-THA-LES exists informally since the beginning of the 2000s, its statutes were deposited in the Official Journal in 2015 and become a “law 1901 organisation” this year. Alongside HOMOBOULOT, AGA-THA-LES will continue to fight against LGBT-phobias in all of the professional world and promote best practices to create a caring environment for all the employee. HOMOBOULOT offers a kit of communication allowing to member associations, adherent individuals and partners, to sensitize decision-makers and all the employee and officials at the working conditions of the LGBT employee-e-s.Accession of new associations reinforces earlier efforts by associations members for several years to help all employee-e-s and officials to find better working conditions.HOMOBOULOT  & member organisations (Cash, Comin-G, Energay, station!, Municigays, or people ‘ wings, Pole In, Rainbhopital) welcome AGA-THA-LES .

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