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AGA-THA-LES is an organisation for every THALES employees, to their relatives and retired, the aim of the organisation is:

  • Help Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans (LGBT) of THALES Group to well integrate inside the Group;
  • Contribute with HQ to fight against all discriminations, such as sexual orientation and gender identity, related to Group Ethics Code;
  • Assist, if needed, the HR Director , such as Trade Unions, on subjects linked to LGBT, help them in case of  cases of harassments or homophobics, transphobics and serophobic acts;
  • Contibute to improve the image of the Group, its attractiveness and its polic) of human resource by a recognition of the questions linked to the diversity;
  • Show solidarity and actor of the health in particular by relieving prevention initiatives (example: HIV-AIDS, recognition of the disabled workers, etc.).

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