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The reasons to join AGA-THA-LES are solidarity,  diversity, mind open;

It is my envy to encourage the enthusiasm, to protect this precious energy which contributes to make recognize the development of new human qualities and skills of all those who participate in it;
Maybe also to remind that the benevolence is the compost of the worlds of tomorrow

Jérôme :

I subscribed when AGA-THA-LES intervened on my site during the international day against homophobia. When a gay / a lesbian does not dare to be “out” within her team, it is neither good for him / she, nor for the cohesion of the team. We build up to ourselves a shell, but it sticks always when I hear to the office ” we are not fags ” or ” such bastard! “.


I’m a new THALES employee in the United States. I would like to testify to the atmosphere here. I know people who are not tolerant about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. For example, I overheard some of my colleagues express fear that their children would become gay or trans through cultural influence. When I hear that, I’m afraid about them learning that I’m gay. I have to hide myself, deny that I have a boyfriend, watch my body language and way I talk, and that stresses and saddens me. There is still much work to do to improve inclusiveness within the group.Thank you AGA-THA-LES for your work.