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This Friday May 17 2019, Thales has reinforced its commitment to fight against discrimination within the Group by signing the LGBT + (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Commitment Charter initiated by the Autre Cercle association in France. By adhering to this approach, Thales affirms its refusal of all forms of discrimination related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and its willingness to defend an inclusive model in which each person has the opportunity to find their place and to be their true self.

For the Aga-Tha-Les association which since several years has united the LGBT employees at Thales,


This commitment represents  a very strong engagement by the Group’s  management in favour of inclusion and the rejection of all forms of discrimination. The signing of this Charter will help ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Group can openly integrate into the business and not be afraid to express their sexual orientation or gender identity.

It allows each and everyone of us to feel free to talk about our weekends, to share photos of our families in the workplace, and to contribute to the wellness that everyone deserves. It is a message of respect and kindness.

The group is relying on all our employees and  the LGBT networks around the world to make sure this commitment resonates strongly within teams.

Join us:

We invite all LGBT and friendly employees to join us. Please send us an email via contact.agathales@gmail.com


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